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In Västerås 10th to 11th of August

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Basic round of young dog class (UKL), Beginners class (NKL), and Open class (ÖKL) and Veteran class (VKL)

Basic round of Elite class (EKL)
Championship Finals for the UKL, NKL, ÖKL and EKL

Youth class (UKL):
The class is open for dogs which has reached 9 months of age but not 24 months, on the Championship’s first day.

Beginners class (NKL), Open class (ÖKL), Elite class (EKL) according to the Swedish Spaniel and Retrieve club B-level test rules

Veteran class (VKL):
The class is open to dogs which has reached the age of 9 years on the Championship’s first day

Entering Flatcoated retriever Championship
You enter your dog/s on this website.
Last day for entering and payment: 10th of June 2013.
Entering is closed
Fill in the forms. After sending, you will get an email to the emailaddress you filled in the form with payment instructions. By entering your dog you agree that FM2013 can publish the dogs name and the owners name on www in entering- and resultlists.

Entering fees
UKL and NKL: 350 SEK
ÖKL and EKL: 350 SEK
VKL: 350 SEK

Sören Svärd, provledare.soren@frkbergslagen.se +46(0)70-588 3945
Annica Stensson, kommisarie.fm@frkbergslagen.se +46(0)73-640 1998

Here you get tips on living

Contact managers: Bengt & Barbro Magnusson

Phone: +46 21-417931   Mobile: 070-5085989


FM will be held on the land around Lake Mälaren camping in Västerås.


Mälarcamping Västerås
On the right www.nordiccamping.se are all their campsites and there is also Mälarencamping Västerås.

Accommodation is also available to book at:

Lövudden Mälarkonferens

Phone: +46 21-185230


Quality Hotel Västerås             Yes to Pets
Svalgången 1                             

S 724 81 Västerås                      .
Phone: +46 21- 303800              Or via: onlinebooking

It offers a modern and comfortable accommodation just outside central Västerås. The hostel is located close to the E18 and has free parking and good bus links.
If you book a room with us for the championship, we can offer 20% off our regular prices.
Price: Single 464 SEK / night, double room 544 SEK / night, Dog Cleaning 259 SEK / room.
When booking specify Flat Championship


BEST WESTERN Ta Inn Hotell                    Dog, Cleaning 200 SEK
Ängsgärdsgatan 19                      

S 721 30 Västerås
+46 21 105300


Scandic Hotell                                                    Dog, Cleaning 100 SEK

Pilgatan 33                                     

S 721 30 Västerås

Phone: +46 21 495 58 00

E-post: vasteras@scandichotels.com



Skiljebo                                                             Yes, to pets, no smoking

Booking:  Västerås Tourist Office

Phone: +46 21-390100

Or via: onlinebooking

The cottage is located on the residential Skiljebo, about 4 km from Västerås city center.

A perfect accommodation for those who want to live in a cottage enjoys a central location close to both the center of the airport.
The cottage is about 40 square meters and has two rooms and a kitchen. On the same site, the owner of his house.